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Black Sheep Yorkshire Champions Trophy
Updated: Friday, April 21, 2017 22:08
Woodlands batsman Simon Mason turns for a second run
Picture: © Mike Baker JCT600 Bradford League

A The competition shall be called the Yorkshire Champions Cricket Trophy (the competition) and be competed for annually by the champion clubs, from the previous season, of a group of Yorkshire cricket leagues determined by the organisers in accordance with Rule 1b, and the winner of the Yorkshire Champions Trophy in the previous season. The leagues whose champions contest the competition are Aire-Wharfe, Bradford Premier, Yorkshire League North, , Huddersfield and Yorkshire League South.
B The competition wll be run by an Organising Panel (the panel) whose decisions shall be final regarding all aspects of the competition and its rules shall run the competition.
C Clubs entering the competition shall, by acceptance, agree to abide by all rules.
A The competition draw will be conducted by the Organising Panel on or before February 28 each year and notified to clubs along with any changes to the competition rules or arrangements. Draws shall be made to determine fixtures and matches up to and including the semi-finals.
B Matches shall be played on dates fixed by the Organising Panel. They can be played before the set date with prior agreement between the two clubs. All dates must be advised to the Panel secretary by the home club immediately they are arranged. They shall take precedence over all other matches except those under the auspices of the ECB or their particular league. Only one date is required to achieve a result in any match unless arrangements are made under Rule 6e. In the event of there being no suitably agreeable date achieved, then the result shall be determined by the toss of a coin (as in rule 6e) conducted by the secretary and a representative of both clubs
C The final shall take place each year at a venue and on a date agreed by the Organising Panel.
D Any club that fails to appear for a properly organised fixture shall concede the game.

A Every club must send a list of its registered league players to reach the panel secretary at least seven days before their first match each year, and only players on that list are eligible to play in the competition.  The list shall be restricted to those players who are registered to play with their club in the league in which that club normally competes. Other players may be added later provided that they have been registered by their club, played at least two league or cup games for that club, and the panel secretary has been notified at least 72 hours before a match in which the player is scheduled to play in the competition.
B In the semi-final and final ties, all players taking part must have played a minimum of four league or cup matches for their club
C Any club playing an unqualified player shall be disqualified from the competition.

A All home clubs are expected to give publicity to competition matches through their club programmes, websites, social media sites, local press and radio. All clubs are encouraged to produce a match-day programme. The full name of the competitions must be used, Black Sheep Yorkshire Champions Trophy. It is important that the sponsor’s name is used in all promotional material.
B The sponsor has the right to advertise free of charge at any game in the competition.
C The umpires shall report late starts to the panel secretary
D Scoreboards must be fully operational and the number of overs remaining should be indicated in descending order, Home clubs are advised to have personnel available to assist the scorers in updating the scoreboard.
E Teas shall be made available to all players if required with those for the umpires and scorers provided free of charge.
F The home club  is responsible for notifying the match result to the competitions Media Officer. The procedure for 2015 will be as follows.
1 Within 30 minutes of the conclusion of the game an official of  the home club will confirm the official result with match umpires before texting or calling  the Media Officer on 0758 8861632. The message must contain.
i The total for each team and the number of wickets lost.
ii Individual scores of 30 or more or bowlers
iii Figures for bowlers taking three wickets or more.
Within 24 hours of the game an official of the home side must email a completed copy of the competition score sheet to the  media officer.
Copies of the official results sheet will be emailed to all clubs It can also be downloaded from
If a club is scoring on Total Cricket Scorer it is acceptable for them to email the TCS results report sheet to
All results sheets must list all 22 players involved in the match giving their first and surnames in full
Failure to comply with this request may result in disqualification. If you are in any doubt contact the Media Officer Alan Birkinshaw on 0758 8861632
G The home side in the first round and semi-finals is responsible for all expenditure. It may charge a gate or take a raffle in lieu of making an admission charge and retain any surplus.
H Admission fees for the first round and semi-finals will be at the discretion of the home side but must not exceed the maximum of £3 for adults and £1.50 for concessions. For the final the respective fees and provision of a match programme will be at the discretion of the Organising Panel. All receipts will be retained by The Competition to meet the costs of staging the final and administering the competition.
I The Organising Panel will select the date and venue for the final. They welcome applications from clubs wishing to stage the final. Any club interested must email the secretary before June 1 to make their application.

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