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Updated: Friday, March 3, 2017 17:42
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The Bradford Premier League is opposed to all forms of racism and are committed towards the elimination of all forms of racism at all levels of sport and to address issues of racial inequality.

The JCT600 Bradford League acknowledges that racial disadvantage and discrimination are still present in the sport and are key factors which influence the nature and the extent of the Black and Ethnic Minorities Communities and individuals.

The Bradford Premier League acknowledges that the elimination of racial disadvantages and discrimination from cricket is an on-going task and alongside its commitment to working towards the elimination of racism, it will also take positive action to meet the cricketing needs and aspirations of Yorkshire Black and Ethnic Minority communities and individuals.

The Bradford Premier League will encourage all clubs to have a strategy in place to inform their membership of their own anti-racism commitment and that existing procedures in place are used to take disciplinary actions against players and officials who racially abuse other players, officials or spectators during matches."

The minimum punishment for racial abuse or gestures is a six-week suspension.

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