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Updated: Monday, February 27, 2017 22:07
Alex Tait
Alex Tait gives the thumbs up after undergoing surgery at Bradford Royal Infirmary




Lightcliffe cricketer Alex Tait is recovering at home after sustaining horrific injuries in a freak accident in pre-seasonpractice.

Alex Tait stitches
Alex Tait after undergoing surgery
Alex Tait stiches in head
The stitches in Alex Tait's head

Thirty-year-old Tait was bowling in his club's indoor nets at Lightcliffe School when a stright drive from skipper Matt Baxter hit him straight between the eyes.

He suffered 15 fractured bones in his face which included both eye sockets, his skull, nose, cheekbones and forehead.

Last Friday he underwent surgery at Bradford Royal infirmary which involved him to be cut from ear to ear so that his facial skin to be rolled backso that twot metal plates could be inserted behind the forehead.

His injuries mean he wont be able to work for months and having only recently started a new job he is not entitled to anything other than stautory sick pay.

With his wife Katie expecting .their second child in four months, these are tough times for the Taits who already have a three-year-old son Brodie.

His Lightcliffe colleagues have launched a Just Giving fund to support Alex and already have raised more than £16,000. England captain Joe Root and vice captain Ben Stokes have each donated £500 and have sent messages of support.

Lightcliffe's cricket chairman Chris Taylor, managing director of the Bradford Premier League's sponsors All Rounder Cricket, said: "In all my years of playing cricket at first class and club cricket I have never seen anything as horrific as this.

"I have seen batsmen facing bowlers delivering the ball at 90mph and witnessed batsmen hitting the ball ferociously, but I have never seen anybody sustain injuries like this. It makes you think about the dangers of cricket. I am sure there will be cricketers everywhere who will appreciate that."

"Alex has played at Lightcliffe CC all his life and is a model club man.He has been told he cannot play cricket again, but at the moment the big concern is making sure his family have the financial support they need.

"The Just Giving Fund is a way that the cricket family can come together and support Alex..That is the number one prioirty for all of us at Lightcliffe."

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