All Stars 2.0 Roadshow for clubs at Elland Road

All Stars 2.0 Roadshow for clubs at Elland Road

This year was another hugely successful time for All Stars Cricket in Yorkshire with over 6,500 five to eight year old children participating in the programme across hundreds of different clubs.

The Yorkshire Cricket Board was again a leading force in its delivery of All Stars Cricket and this is thanks to the efforts of clubs and their fantastic lead Activators.

With All Stars Cricket now having completed its third year it is fair to say that the programme is becoming very much embedded in to clubs’ junior offerings. 


This is fantastic and means that we will be inspiring many new families and children to develop a life-long affinity with cricket. Indeed, many clubs have already seen the benefits of that engagement from new families joining their clubs.

The question for many now is what happens after All Stars Cricket, particularly as there will be several children who may now have been involved with All Stars for three years. T

o a certain point this question is already answered by the fantastic under 9s programme that runs throughout Yorkshire.

However, if All Stars is truly to create a lasting legacy then there is even more that can be done to ensure that more children get to experience a form of under 9s and then under 11s cricket that is appropriate to them and their stage of development.

Additionally, there are many customer experiences from All Stars that can be brought in to under 9s cricket.

With these things in mind, the ECB in partnership with Yorkshire Cricket is excited to be launching a new programme for children aged 8-11.

The YCB's Steve Archer says: "This is the perfect next step for All Stars participants, an introductory programme for all those new to cricket and a complimentary programme for any children currently playing Junior Cricket.

"Supported by Sky, the programme will make cricket accessible for even more children throughout the country."

The Yorkshire Cricket rAll Stars 2.0 oadshow is to be held at Elland Road on Monday, November 25. 7-9pm.

C;lubs should click on the link below to register for the event.