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Do umpiring courses appeal to you?

Do umpiring courses appeal to you?


The Gordon Rigg Bradford Premier League in cooperation with its Match Officials Association and the ECB Association of Cricket Officials has organised Umpire Stage One and Stage Two courses for next month.

It is part of a drive to recruit more umpires to bolster the dwindling numbers on the league panel. It is hoped that former players and lovers of the game will come forward.

The recruitment of umpires is the league's top priority and clubs are asked to play their part in putting forward candidates to take the course.

The league needs 48 umpires each weekend just for its first team games and the Match Officials Association is conscious of the need to both recruit new umpires and bring down the age profile of its panel.

Places can now be booked on the November courses at New Farnley

Umpire Stage 1 - New Farnley CC on Sunday 13th November (10.00am - 4.30pm)

Umpire Stage 2 - New Farnley CC on Sunday 20th November (10.00am - 4.30pm)

The courses are aimed at training potential umpires in the Laws of the game and preparing them for to be an on field official

The cost of the stage1 course is £30 which is paid on registration. When you register for the Stage One course you will get a discount code for the Stage Two. By using the discount code when registering for the Stage 2 course will cost only £10. Therefore £40 in total for both courses

We strongly recommend all potential umpires undertake the both the Stage One and Stage 2 courses 

Registration link for Stage One course is https://booking.ecb.co.uk/d/b9qrjf

Registration link for Stage Two course is https://booking.ecb.co.uk/d/b9qrqn

A further course has been arranged in the Dewsbury area at the Taleem Training and Community Centre as follows

Umpire Stage 1 - Taleem Centre on Saturday 26th November  (10.00am - 4.30pm)

Umpire Stage 2 - Taleem Centre on Saturday 3rd December   (10.00am - 4.30pm)

The registration details are below

Stage 1 https://booking.ecb.co.uk/d/t9q5sp

Stage 2 https://booking.ecb.co.uk/d/39q5st

Course fees will be reimbursed by the League when the candidate has completed 15 games.

For any further information on the courses contact Nigel Thornton  email: nigelobdl@hotmail.com  or Philip Radcliffe   email: philipradcliffe1106@gmail.com

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