Guide to Duckworth Lewis Stern

Guide to Duckworth Lewis Stern

12 May 2017


Use the DLS programe on the memory stick that was issued to all Premier Division scorers

If the start of the game is delayed – enter revised figure in “overs @ start of match”.

For any interruptions during 1st innings – enter relevant info :Overs bowled, score, wickets and when known overs per side lost – total overs available will be shown.

Remember when DLS is in play and interruptions occur in the first innings overs are deducted from BOTH sides. If there is a interruption during the first innings and overs are lost then the side batting first cannot bat the full 50 overs .

Any further interruptions – repeat the above, then at completion of 1st inningsenter the score.TARGET will be produced.

At this point produce print outs (2 Captains, 2 Umpires and, at least, 1 for scorers) and, if possible, show TARGET on scoreboard and PAR score for theEND of the forthcoming over.

For any interruptions during 2nd innings enter relevant info – overs bowled,score, wickets and, when known, overs lost. It will indicate which team is ahead and REVISED TARGET will be shown –repeat steps for printouts, showing revised target on scoreboard, if possible.

If no further play is possible enter “a” in overs lost and winning side will be shown. The Umpires have been asked to work with us and show patience in these dealings,

I ask that we do the same. Remember 20 overs per side constitutes a game.

In all games print a target score table at the tea interval even if there has been no rain.