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League supporter's offer to clubs

League supporter's offer to clubs


Open Clubhouse are delighted to offer your club a FREE, no obligation full energy supply audit in conjunction with our energy partner Edan Power. The process is very simple – we just require the full address of your club and the name and contact details of the relevant person to electronically sign a simple letter of authority.

 Our partners can then check all your energy and water supply bills over the last 6 years and endeavour to claw back money for your club, if it proves you have been over charged. At the same time they can also advise of any grants that may be available to you for the installation of Solar Power, Heat Pumps, Electric Vehicle (EV) charging points – these can be quite local and specialised – and once again, they will undertake this task at no cost to you!

 After both these processes have been carried out we can identify the extent of savings your club could make as well as identifying a potentially useful income stream through EV charging points. i.e. Your club will be able to earn off every charge made as well as providing a service to your members and the local community.

It will help attract a new audience to the club, and thereby, hopefully increase membership. Users will be able to access food and drink on offer whilst their cars are on charge (and possibly take in a match!)

Fuel efficiency and protection of the environment are big issues for us all....let us help your club be seen to be leading the way!

To begin this process simply contact – pete@open-clubhouse.com and we will forward a letter of authority to get the ball rolling. 

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