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President's Pearls of Wisdom Quiz Number Three

President's Pearls of Wisdom Quiz Number Three

29 Jun 2020

Keith Moss has set a another test for cricket followers.The sender of the first correct entry received will win a bottle of win donated by the league president.

Get your thinking caps on and here we go.

Question One

Which two Bradford League players opened the batting for England against South Africa at Headingley in 1951?

Question Two

Which Yorkshire wicketkeeper was pressed into action as an emergency opening partner for Brian Bolus on his Test debut against India in 1964?

Question Three

What item of headwear distinguished Bradford League umpires in  the 1970s?

Question Four

Name three Yorkshire father and son combinations who have played for England?

Question Five

Bradford Park Avenue football legend Len Shackleton played cricket for which minor county?

Question Six

Which title-winning Bradford League captain was recently elected as Yorkshire's vice chairman?

Question Seven

Bradford Northern rugby league star Joe Phillips was an accomplished batsman for Bradford and which other Bradford League club?

Question Eight

With which Bradford League club did former Yorkshire and England batsman Bill Athey play?

Question Nine

Who is the only British Prime Minister to become president of the MCC?

Question Ten

Who was the first wicketkeeper to complete the Bradford League double of 500 victims and 5,000 runs?

Send your answers to editor@bradfordcl.com
The sender of the first correct entry will receive a bottle of wine.

Congratulations to Gerard Moran who will be receiving a bottle of win after answering all ten questions correctly in last week's quiz.

Answers: 1 Bob Platt, 2 Mike Cowan, 3 Bowling Old Lane, 4 Chris Gott, 5 Anthony McGrath, 6 Leicestershire, 7 Ronnie Burnet  8 Duncan Fearnley 9 Keighley & Undercliffe, 10 Harry Atkinson.