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Prime Minister says cricket can return next weekend

Prime Minister says cricket can return next weekend

Prime Minister Boris Johnson says recreational cricket can resume next weekend. He made the announcement at tonight's Downing Street Press Conference.

It came as  being he admitted being stumped in an LBC Radio interview earlier in the day when he said that teas and dressing rooms were the reason for cricket remaining banned.

But tonight he admitted that after taking scientific and medical advice that the Government would be working at speed to issue guidelines over the next ferw days to enable cricket to resume.

The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) said "We are delighted that the UK Government have given their permission for recreational cricket to return from next weekend. We will shortly be publishing our approved guidelines to help clubs and players prepare for cricket's return."

Gordon Rigg Bradford Premier League chairman David Young said: "While this is encouraging news we do need to see the detail of what is being proposed.

"We need to see the type of cricket being envisaged, the health and hygiene regulations that need to be followed and the financial viability of what is on offer.

"Whilst we are keen to facilitate cricket we need to ascertain whether what is on offer constistutes friendly play or the sort of competitive cricket we are all used to.

"Once we are satisfied about that we will consult again with our clubs. We believe we will need two weeks for officials to draft the necessary rules and formulate the competitions that can be played. Clubs will also need that time to prepare for the resumption in play and may want to play friendly fixtures.

"Let's wait for the detail before getting too excited about this announcement."


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