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League statement on Gomersal v Keighley Division One abandoned match

League statement on Gomersal v Keighley Division One abandoned match

The Division 1 1st XI game between Gomersal CC and Keighley CC last Saturday was abandoned by the match officials following persistent and prolonged challenging of their decisions by one Keighley player and the liberal use of profanities when doing so

Given the unprecedented nature of this abandonment and with the end of the season approaching, the disciplinary process has been accelerated with the following decisions being implemented with immediate effect.

  1. Keighley CC

Keighley CC has informed the League that the player concerned will not be selected for any of their remaining three games pending an investigation by the League’s Disciplinary Officer. This investigation will be consistent with the League’s established disciplinary regime with the outcome posted on the League website in due course.

  1. Club Warnings

Four clubs including Keighley CC have been issued with Club Warnings for unacceptable levels of indiscipline this season. All have been warned as to their future conduct and instructed to make it clear to all their players that match officials must be respected at all times irrespective of the decisions they make. As part of this warning these clubs were issued with a suspended 30-point penalty to be applied should any player transgress either during this or the 2023 season.

The role of the Keighley player in the incidents at Gomersal CC last Saturday have been deemed by the League’s Disciplinary Officer to breach the terms of the Club Warning thereby triggering the points deduction penalty.

Both the Keighley CC 1st and 2nd XIs have had a 30-point penalty applied to their League points with immediate effect.

  1. Gomersal versus Keighley result

As Keighley CC is held responsible for the abandonment, the result of the game, originally recorded as an abandoned game with 5 points allocated to each side plus bonus points earned by each side, has been changed.

The game has been awarded to Gomersal CC and with it a 20-point allocation for the win. Keighley CC is deemed to have lost the game and will receive 0 (zero) points . The 1st XI Division One league table and Second Teams Division Two tables have been amended accordingly.

Bill Holmes, the League’s Disciplinary Officer said: “It is very sad that the values of Bradford Premier Cricket League were sullied and besmirched at Gomersal on Saturday. The League will support our match officials in maintaining discipline during games and that both players and clubs must understand that the League now has a robust and consistent disciplinary process to assist them in that regard.”  

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