Statement regarding forfeiture of Priestley Cup Final by Farsley CC

Statement regarding forfeiture of Priestley Cup Final by Farsley CC

The management board have issued the following statement relating to the forfeiture of the 2018 Priestley Cup Final. Farsley CC were notified of this on Saturday 1 September.


Bradford Cricket Premier League CEO, Mr. Mark Heald and Secretary, Mr. Chris Leathley, met with Farsley CC Chairman, Mr. Ray Sutcliffe and 1stXI Captain Mr. Ryan Cooper, to discuss the events which took place at the ‘rained off’ 2018 Priestley Cup Final at Undercliffe CC on Sunday 26th August. 

At this meeting, the CEO explained why we were meeting and went on to say that the Priestley Cup was one of the most prestigious Cup Competitions and had been competed for, for over a hundred years and that this was the first time anyone had forfeited in this manner.

  • The Farsley CC Chairman explained the circumstances behind their decision to forfeit the Cup Final and not play on the scheduled reserve date, which had been advised to all clubs prior to the start of the season.

  • Farsley CC accept that they could have fielded eleven players, but chose not to due to the quality/ability of those players available for selection.

  • Farsley CC stated that for a variety of reasons, key players were unavailable and that this left them with four out of five front line bowlers unavailable.

  • Farsley CC did not make the League aware of their predicament until the day of the Final and did not request an alternative date at any time prior to the day of the Cup Final.
  • Farsley CC offered information and reasons as mitigating circumstances which they felt ultimately led them to making the decision to forfeit.

  • Farsley CC were contrite but remained reluctant to accept that it would have been better to play a weakened side than not play at all.

  • The CEO pointed out that he was aware of members of Farsley CC making inappropriate comments containing both insulting references of the Management Board and also factually incorrect information. The CEO informed the Chairman and Captain that he did not intend to bring those individuals before him for a disciplinary hearing, but wanted a warning to be given that this would be done if anything similar was repeated.

Following this meeting, The Bradford Premier Cricket League Management Board held an Extraordinary Management Board Meeting on Friday 31st August 2018 at Hanging Heaton CC.


The Management Board decided on the following sanctions listed below, to be imposed with immediate effect.


  • Farsley CC 1st and 2ndXI teams are excluded from all Bradford Premier Cricket League Cup and Shield Competitions for a period of 4 years. Farsley CC will be eligible to enter BPCL Cup and Shield Competitions in Season 2023.
  • Farsley CC will pay a financial penalty in the sum of £2000 to the Bradford Premier Cricket League. The BPCL will make an award to Undercliffe CC by way of compensation from this financial penalty and cover it's own incurred costs. This compensation may be paid in stages.
  • Farsley CC will not be permitted to host any BPCL Cup Final for a period of 10 years.
  • Farsley CC will submit a letter of apology to the Bradford Premier Cricket League (Secretary) within 7 days from receipt of this notification. 

The letter, which will be published on the Leagues website, is for the benefit of all supporters of both the Bradford Premier Cricket League and Cricket lovers generally.

  • Farsley CC will receive a ‘first and final’ written warning of an additional sanction should there be any further criticism and factually incorrect statements made by any member of Farsley CC in line with the Bradford Premier Cricket League Social Media Policy, which can be located on the League website under Discipline.


The Management Board’s decision is Final.