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April 2017 Minutes




Present: David Young (Chairman), Mark Heald(Chief Executive), Bob Shackleton

(Admin Exec), John Virr (Secretary), Alan Birkinshaw (Development Officer), Brian Pearson,

Peter Arundel (Joint Secretary), David Clegg, Bob Schofield and Neil Johnson.

Apologies: Philip Radcliffe

The meeting commenced at 7.40pm and the minutes from the previous months’ meeting

were accepted and approved.

Matters Arising:

 James Lee – incident now closed.

 Appears no further action has been taken by Liversedge – Peter will contact them

and ask for the necessary letters within the week.

 A further meeting with Love My Club is planned for the near future.

 Pudsey St Lawrence playing shirts having more than the permitted sponsors on it –

Chairman and Secretary to contact.

 Secretary to write to offer Life membership to Rod Heyhoe.

 Players meeting dates to be looked at.

Chairman’s Report:

 Has had communication re a problem with a transfer of a player from Idle to Yeadon

– Bob Shackleton will attempt to resolve.

 77 laptops have been upgraded. This has involved an enormous amount of work for

the Chairman and he is still in contact with CricHQ to try and resolve some minor

problems. Clubs are to be advised to score the game this weekend and not to worry

re “live scores” however they MUST continually update TCS when instructed.

 Brian Pearson proposed a vote of thanks be recorded to David for all his efforts.

Chief Executives Report:

 Contacted by Scholes CC who have asked to hold a minutes silence prior to this

Saturdays game in remembrance of John Mitchell – approved and Umpires notified.

 Some misunderstanding re Jer Lane and their wish to join the Bradford Premier

League – Chairman and CEO will draft a memorandum of understanding and seek a

meeting with the Halifax League Chairman.

Finance: Programme, Team Viewer bought £480 but request to be made to CricHQ to

be reimbursed, handbooks £2820, £300 to Yorkshire Cricket Council and laptop for

Secretary £273.94.

Secretary: Thanks to Philip Radcliffe for collecting the match and disciplinary cards and

also to Bob Schofield for allowing the recent TCS training course to be held at Ossett CC –

what was initially for the 2 new teams saw 17 attend but Baildon, who had confirmed

attendance, didn’t show.

Has also produced, and issued “Aide Memoires” for Umpires and Scorers re DLS – to also be

forwarded to Alan and Mark for circulation.

Joint Secretary Subs are due for Yorkshire Cricket Council and update and some

discussion re its future.

Registration: 1,931 registrations have now been completed – registrations close at

midnight Thursday 20.4.17 for players to be eligible for the 1st weekend, thereafter all

transfers will incur a £20 admin fee – Alan will update the website and Social Media.

A vote of thanks recorded for all the work Bob Shackleton has undertaken.

Overseas: Again a vote of thanks to Bob and Brian for their efforts with this. Some are

having to obtain a biometric visa via a Leeds Post Office on their arrival and only have entry

until early May 2017.

Umpires: Numbers available are down for the first couple of weeks and a majority of

2nd X1 games will only have 1 Umpire.

ECB U19 T20: Fixtures released – 2 groups of 5 on a round robin basis..


 Alan - new website will hopefully be online by the 1st game but will be a work in

progress – it is mobile friendly and hopefully will allow more of us to add content.

 Alan is to Chair a sub committee of the YCB Board looking at Disciplinary systems

which will involve consultation with all Leagues.

 Bob Shackleton – contact with Bradford&Bingley as their 3rd X1 play in the Craven

League and have been told that if they play for 2nd X1 in our League then ineligible

for Craven League. Bob will action.

 David Clegg asked that all contact to Methley be addressed through club email and

not directly to Secretary due to illness.

 John asked re Polo shirts – David will issue a picture and orders can be taken.

 Bob Schofield gave an impassioned plea on behalf of all Club Chairman in so far as

the position has, over the recent past, changed enormously. The amount of

involvement is totally draining and it was agreed that changes will be kept to a

minimum as due to edicts from ECB clubs have had to undertake a lot over the last

couple of years.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 9.30 pm.

Next meeting is the 11th May at Cleckheaton CC.