Association Rules

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1. Name
That this Association be called The Mini Travel Executive Bradford Premier League Umpires Association and that all umpires on the official list of the League be members thereof.

2The objectives of the Association:
(a) To create and maintain a spirit of comradeship, to improve the efficiency of all Umpires and to secure uniformity of action on the field of play.
(b) To co-operate with the League Management Board in suppressing all rowdyism and unsportsmanship and to assist the Board in their efforts for further progress of the League

3. Annual subscriptions
The Association’s annual subscription shall be decided annually by the Executive Committee and not to exceed  one match fee (including handbook) plus a levy, if deemed necessary, which shall then be paid on or before the date of the first meeting of the Umpires Association, prior to the start of the season.
Any umpire not having paid subscriptions in accordance with this rule shall not be allowed to officiate in the League until all outstanding dues are paid.

4. Officials
The Association shall be governed by a President, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Appointments Secretary and Assistant Appointments Secretary. These will be known as the “Officers”.  In addition, there will be an Executive Committee of not more than six members, plus one Representative from the League Management Board.
All officers and members of the Executive Committee, other than the President, shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting to serve for a period of two years in rotation. The Umpires' Association representative to the All Rounder Cricket Bradford Premier League board meetings shall be the association chairman or a nominated deputy.
The Annual General Meeting will be held as soon as convenient after the League agm. and no later than six weeks after that meeting.
Nominations for Officers and Executive Committee shall be in the hands of the Secretary by October 31.  (
The Nominations must be submitted in writing and comprise the Nominee’s name along with the names and signatures of the Proposer and Seconder).
Any contested position shall be decided by paper ballot at the Annual Meeting.
The position of Association President shall be by invitation from the Officers and Executive Committee and if accepted, shall be announced at that year’s AGM.  The term of office is for life, or until the recipient of the position decides to stand down.
The Executive Committee shall have power to invite persons to be Life Vice-Presidents.  Such appointments shall only be made at the Executive Meeting prior to the Annual General Meeting and shall be announced at the meeting.
Proposals for alterations to the Rules of the Association shall be made in writing and shall be in the hands of the Secretary by October 31. Honoraria can be paid to the Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Appointments Secretary and Assistant Appointments Secretary. A Sub Committee from the Executive Committee, excluding the Officers, to decide on the amounts annually and announce them at the AGM.

5. Meetings

Thursday 18th April 
Thursday 4th July
Thursday 5th December (AGM)
All meetings at Cleckheaton 7.30pm

6. Attendance
Members are required to attend all meetings.

7. Appointments
Any umpire accepting an appointment shall adhere to the Rules in the Official Handbook of the League. No umpire shall be appointed to a first eleven fixture unless he/she has completed and passed the ECBACO Level One Umpires Course or equivalent.

8.Matters not covered in the rules
In case any questions should arise in connection with this Association, which are not dealt within these Rules, the Officer’s & Executive Committee shall have full power to deal with them and inflict such penalties as they may deem expedient, their decision shall be final and binding on all parties.
Matters requiring urgent attention may be dealt with by a sub-committee of not less than two officers and one members of the Executive Committee.

9. Misconduct
Having informed the player(s) and the players’ captain of an intention to submit a report for alleged misconduct, the umpires will submit a joint written account of the alleged occurrence which, should be in the hands of the League Secretary within 72 hours of the conclusion of the matter.

10. Priority of BCL Appointments
At no time shall a member accept an appointment outside The All Rounder Cricket Bradford Premier League which would clash with any fixture under the jurisdiction of theThe All Rounder Cricket Bradford Premier League without prior reference to the Appointments Secretary.

Rule 11   Membership of England & Wales Cricket Board Association of Cricket Officials (ECBACO)
All active members must be members of ECBACO and maintain an enhanced DBS disclosure certificate.

Rule 12 Dissolution The Association may be dissolved by a resolution passed at a General Meeting provided:- 
a)  At least 28 days notice in writing of the proposal to dissolve the Association has been given by the Honorary Secretary to each member, and 
b)  At least three-fourths of the members present and voting are in favour of the proposal. The funds remaining in the Association’s accounts shall either be distributed amongst members equally, or as directed by a majority vote of the membership present.