Board members

Board members

Keith Moss MBE

Chairman & Treasurer
 David Young

Chief Executive
Mark Heald

Chris Leathley

Mick Varley

Communications & Data Officer
Alan Birkinshaw
Admin Executive
Bob Shackleton

Assistant Secretary
Peter Arundel

Compliance Officer
Philip Radcliffe

Club Representatives: David Clegg, Neil Johnson, Brian Pearson MBE, Bob Schofield

Co-opted member: Bill Holmes



Competitions and rules: The first point of contact for most league issues is secretary Chris Leathley. All queries should be submitted by email so that your issue can be considered and and a written response given. email:

Discipline: Chief Executive Mark Heald heads up the disciplinary operation.

Registrations and transfers: These are handled by the league's Admin Executive Bob Shackleton. email:

Finance: Mick Varley &
David Young email:

Laptop scoring, results submission and computers: The official responsible for dealing with queries on these matters is League Chairman David Young. email:

Website and Privacy: Please contact the league's Communications & Data Officer Alan Birkinshaw. email:

Compliance: Issues relating to compliance, umpiring and the under-19 T20 must be directed to Compliance Officer Philip Radcliffe. email:

Marketing & Sponsorship: Bill Holmes

Personal playing records: League Records Secretary Michael Rhodes will assist you.