Competition Rules


HW1 Title and Constitution

A The competition shall be called the Solly Sports Heavy Woollen District Challenge Cup (the competition) and be an annual knockout event open to the first elevens of cricket clubs at the discretion of the Management Committee,

The competition shall be restricted to a maximum of 32 clubs within an 18-mile radius of Batley Town Hall.

 All clubs entering the competition MUST enter a team in the Crowther Cup.

HW2 General Committee, Officers and Management Committee

 The competition shall be governed by the General Committee consisting of a representative from each club together with a president, secretary, treasurer, and umpires secretary (the officers). Each club shall notify the secretary in writing by December 31 each year of the details of its main contact for the competition.

 A Management Committee (management) shall be responsible for managing the affairs of the competition including all questions of eligibility, qualification of clubs and players and interpretation of the rules. It shall also act on matters of dispute, the selection of final venues and any other matters referred to it by the General Committee. It shall consist of three club representatives, elected annually in accordance with rule HW3(a), and the officers together with any co-opted members up to a maximum of three.

 Where required in a dispute, the members of the Management Committee shall make a decision that shall be deemed final and binding. This meeting to take place at the first suitable date.

 All elected officers are expected to attend all Management Committee meetings.

The Management Committee may appoint Life Vice-Presidents, who shall be persons considered to have rendered outstanding service to the competition.

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