Delays & Stoppages

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30. Weather

Cancellation of matches: Matches may be cancelled up to three hours prior to the scheduled start time provided that both clubs are in agreement. If this is the case the home club must email copying in the visiting club prior to this time detailing the cancellation. The email must include the name of the person at the away club who has agreed to this cancellation. This must be the club secretary or team captain.
Interruptions for weather: Where the start of the match is delayed overs will be deducted at one for every three minutes lost. The number of overs lost will be deducted from the total match overs and the balance split equally between the two teams. If the number of overs lost is an odd number it must be rounded up. Example: Delay 39 minutes overs lost 13 so the match will be a 43 overs a side contest. A match cannot commence if more than 60 overs have been lost due to adverse weather conditions.
For Premier Division First XI only: Once the game is under way there is a cumulative allowance of 30 minutes for stoppages for rain or bad light when no overs will be deducted. Once the cumulative total of 30 minutes has been reached then the Duckworth Lewis Stern method will be used to calculate the result. A minimum of 20 overs must be bowled in the second innings for ten points to be awarded for a win unless a win is achieved sooner. A delayed start or interruptions during the  first innings means the loss of overs is split equally between the two sides ie loss of 20 overs, split 10 each, becomes a 40 overs per side game.

In situations like the one illustrated or where there is a delayed start or a stoppage leading to a reduction of overs during the first innings, under no circumstance must the side batting first bat 50 overs.
(It is worth noting that when there is a loss of over in the first innings umpires will be reducing the length of the game. Loss of overs in the second innings are simply deducted from the allocation of the side batting second leading to a revised target. Umpires MUST detail the length of all stoppages to the scorers who will use the DLS programme to calculate the target scores and print off the required five copies. 
Please note: It is advised that scorers print off the DLS sheets at the tea interval in all games, even when there is no adverse weather.

Click for guide to Duckworth Lewis Stern

All matches other than Premier Division: Once the game is underway there is an allowance of 30 minutes for stoppages for rain or bad light when no overs will be deducted. Once the cumulative total of 30 minutes has been reached overs will start to be deducted at the rate of one for every three minutes. Example: Delays of 12 minutes, 13minutes and 17 minutes means stoppages total 42 minutes -30 minute allowance =12 minutes four overs will be deducted. No overs shall be deducted during the tea interval but any stoppage before the interval shall be added on to any stoppage after the interval should the same team be batting. If the stoppage is for sun, no overs shall be deducted however long the stoppage. The Umpires shall remain on the field of play during the stoppage.

In a match which has commenced play and is then affected by the weather, providing the second side batting receives an equal number of overs or more than the side batting first and providing that a minimum number of 40 overs are available when the match commences a ten point win can be achieved.

Where there is an imbalance of overs in favour of the side batting first, the ten points for a win can only be awarded if they bowl out their opponents or if their score is beaten by the side batting second. Where scores finish level, the match is tied, and each side will receive five points plus any bonus points. In all other circumstances the match is considered “ abandoned or incomplete ” and three points will be awarded to each side together with any bonus points accrued.