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Transfer Form
Special Category Transfer form

Overseas player registration form
Disciplinary Report Form
EDI Report Form
Premier Umpires and Captains Report Form
Division One Umpires and Captains Report Form
Privacy notice

Guides for umpires
Disciplinary Regulations 2022
Guide to DLS

MCC Laws of Cricket 2017
Protocol for Suspect Bowling Actions
Protocol for lightning
Application fom for Match Officials Association
Disciplinary Report Form

Umpire assessment
How captains can register on Who's The Umpire
How to complete the assessment

Premier Umpires and Captains Report Form
Division One Umpires and Captains Report Form

Guides for scorers
Guide to installing Play Cricket Scorer Pro
Guide to DLS
Guidance for scorers on MCC Laws

Rules and Regulations
League handbook 2022

League Rules 2022
League Code of Conduct
Cup rules 2022
T20 Cup Rules
ECB Anti-Discrimination code (Must be adopted by all clubs)
Social Media & Publications Policy

EDI Policy
Live streaming and videoing guidelines
2021 Handbook

Club administration
ECB Clubmark Guide 2022
ECB Clubmark and how to apply
Safe Hands Management System
Guide to using Play Cricket

Guidance for transfers on Play Cricket
Transfer Form
Special Category transfer form
Social Media guidelines for clubs
ECB guide on GDPR
ECB Interest free loans

Entry criteria
Criteria Premier and Division One
Yorkshire Premier League criteria

Player welfare
Injury surveillance guide - how to log injuries on Play Cricket

ECB Concussion guidelines
ECB Concussion factsheet for umpires
ECB Concussion factsheet for coaches
ECB Concussion factsheet for parents

League Safeguarding Policy
ECB Safe Hands Policy 
YCB Safeguarding guidance and advice

ECB Advice for clubs on safeguarding policy
Safe Hands Management System
DBS checks and who needs one

Overseas players
ECB Overseas Player guidance 2022
Overseas players amateur or professional

Visa overview January 2021

ECB and Home Office guidance on overseas players
Step by step guide for signing Tier 5 players
Find out about Governing Body endorsements
Overseas player registration form

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