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February 2017 Minutes




Present: David Young (Chairman), Bob Shackleton (Admin Exec), John Virr (Secretary),

Alan Birkinshaw (Development Officer), Philip Radcliffe (Umpires), Brian Pearson, Peter

Arundel (Joint Secretary), and Neil Johnson.

Apologies: Mark Heald (transport difficulties), David Clegg and Bob Schofield (both had

scheduled club meetings).

Prior to the meeting commencing the Chairman (on behalf of the Board) paid tribute to the

work of former Secretary, Steve Raistrick who passed away recently following a battle with

illness. Thanks were given and sympathy passed on to his family and friends.

The meeting commenced at 7.30pm and the minutes from the previous months’ meeting

were accepted and approved.

Matters Arising:

 James Lee has been written to and the matter is now closed.

 Peter is liaising with Liversedge but still needs further action.

 Cup/Shield now has reserve dates and necessary amendments made to other

fixtures due to Tour of Yorkshire.

 Oulton v Adwalton 2nd X1 match has been changed – thanks to both clubs, Secretary

to write to inform Oulton that they are still responsible for Umpires expenses.

Chief Executives Report: nothing to report.

Chairman’s Report:

 YCB have stated that annual League meetings have been cancelled.

 Affiliation forms received from YCB – Chairman will complete.

 Has written to Pudsey St Lawrence as their new playing shirt (as shown on their web

site) contravenes the new regulation re number of sponsors/adverts.

 Anthony Briggs (Halifax League) asking re Jer Lane – will be discussed at Premier

League Board level.

 David and Alan met with representatives of Vitality (previously Prudential) and there

is a provisional agreement to sponsor Priestley Cup/Shield and Jack Hampshire

competitions. David/Alan will continue discussions.

 Several items to pay - £79.99 Microsoft office, £404 for 2 new laptops for new clubs,

£250 to Headingley (deposit for dinner) and £275 to Pennine Trophies for repairs –

bill to be forwarded to Liversedge asking them for payment as trophy was damaged

whilst in their care.

 Request received from Northowram Fields asking for a 1st X1 fixture to be cancelled

due to a “stag weekend” – refused, Secretary to write.

 Update given re latest info from ECB re overseas players – will be issued to clubs but

sub committee are working hard with clubs to ensure all is well.

Secretary: reminder that DLS course for all Premier league scorers next Thursday 2.3.17.

After discussion Secretary will inform them that they need to make their own arrangements

to purchase a printer.

Joint Secretary Thanks from Yorkshire Cricket Council for help in setting up web site.

Cup Finals 2017: Undercliffe, Methley and Pudsey Congs have accepted invitations to

host Priestley Cup, Shield and Hampshire finals however Cleckheaton are unable to host the

T20 game v YCCC due to a previous commitment. After discussion with YCCC Pudsey Congs

have agreed to host.

T20 Competition draw made for this year’s competition. Bradford+Bingley (last year’s

winners) have been sent details of this year’s National draw.


 3 sponsors obtained for Umpires coats/polo shirts – Mini Travel, Ask the Office and

IGB Plumbing.

 Question as to why Umpires Association are charged for League Handbook – all clubs

have to purchase therefore asking Umpires to do likewise.

ECB U19 T20: closing date set at 10.3.17 hoping for 10 clubs in 2 groups of 5.

Compliance Survey at start of season to check if clubs have all necessary DBS numbers.


 Full details unknown but thought that Idle CC will start the new season with 2 full


 Hoped to run a scoring course at Manningham Mills 25.3.17 – numbers and format,

as yet, unknown.

 Reported that new registration is going well with over 900 actioned – thanks to Bob

Shackleton for his continued hard work.

 All Premier League clubs have signed up to having 2 if not all 3 junior age groups. As

for Clubmark, ECB state it is “imminent”.

 Alan reported re the work undertaken at New Farnley and what a good job has been

done. Temporary changing facilities will be used in 2017.

 Alan will contact Michael Rhodes re updating records and has had a meeting with

Heavy Woollen (including Huddersfield League) to set out dates for the next 5 years

in order that there is no repetition of this years dates possibly clashing.

 Looking at setting up a panel of “expertise” to look at disciplinary issues in all

Yorkshire Premier leagues.

 Board members asked to think of potential speaker for this year’s dinner.

 Future of web site discussed – all acknowledge the work that goes into it by several

people but the “tech” behind the scenes is old. Our “liaison” with CricHQ has thrown

up the possibility of them building a new web site for us including transferring

everything across. This would then allow everyone with permission to access and

update their areas. David is to pursue as, obviously, there is a cost involved.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 8.50 pm.

Next meeting is the AGM, 9th March at Cleckheaton CC.