Competition Rules 


HW10 Final Tie 

A Clubs are invited to nominate venues from which the Management shall select a ground on which the final tie is to be played. It shall be neutral unless the Management determine otherwise.

 The committee of the host club shall grant the use of the ground until the completion of the tie and the Management shall not be held responsible for any monetary loss arising to such a club and its members.

 The Management shall fix the admission fees for the final tie and shall be handed the gross receipts. Ten per cent of the total, or £25, whichever is the greater, shall be paid to the host club for incidental expenses with the balance being paid into the competition account. The Management shall be responsible for all major expenses including the provision of teas, trophies for the finalists and umpires etc.

HW11 Rules and Alteration
A The Management shall have the power to decide any queries arising on the construction of these rules, or any matter which is not provided for, including penalties.
B Any disciplinary decisions shall only be arrived at after a full and fair hearing. All interested parties shall have the opportunity to present their case and hear the evidence presented. Such hearings shall be conducted in accordance with the principles of natural justice.
C All decision shall be final and binding on all parties subject to rule HW3(b).
D Each competing club shall be provided each season with six yearbooks and club contacts and captains, in particular, should be aware of the contents, especially these rules.
E Any rule may be altered or deleted and/or a new rule included at the AGM provided that a majority of the clubs present vote in favour. Written notice of any proposed alteration or deletion of a rule or any proposed new rule shall be sent to the secretary by September 30. 
 A list of all proposals shall be circulated on the agenda to all clubs at least 14 days prior to the AGM.y.

HW12 Trophies
The winning club in any year, having given a satisfactory guarantee for the safe custody and return of any annual trophies shall be entitled to hold them until June 30 when they shall be returned to the secretary.

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