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Guide to Duckworth Lewis Stern

Guide to Duckworth Lewis Stern

DLS is used in all Premier first team league matches. All clubs playing in this division are required to have a working printer.


See below for details of what scorers should do.


Use the DLS program downloaded from the link or already installed on your laptop

If the start of the game is delayed – enter revised figure in “overs @ start of match”.

For any interruptions during 1st innings – enter relevant info :Overs bowled, score, wickets and when known overs per side lost – total overs available will be shown.

Remember when DLS is in play and interruptions occur in the first innings overs are deducted from BOTH sides. If there is a interruption during the first innings and overs are lost then the side batting first cannot bat the full 50 overs .

Any further interruptions – repeat the above, then at completion of 1st innings enter the score.TARGET will be produced.

At this point produce print outs (2 Captains, 2 Umpires and, at least, 1 for scorers) and, if possible, show TARGET on scoreboard and PAR score for the END of the forthcoming over.

For any interruptions during 2nd innings enter relevant info – overs bowled,score, wickets and, when known, overs lost. It will indicate which team is ahead and REVISED TARGET will be shown – repeat steps for printouts, showing revised target on scoreboard, if possible.

If no further play is possible enter “a” in overs lost and winning side will be shown. The Umpires have been asked to work with us and show patience in these dealings,

I ask that we do the same. Remember 20 overs per side constitutes a game. If it is not possible to get the 20 overs in then as many overs as possible should be bowled to allow for bonus points to be played for.

If the target is reached or the team batting second is all out in under 20 overs then a result can be achieved

In all games print a target score table at the tea interval even if there has been no rain.

Below is the league rule relating to DLS

For Premier Division First XI only:

  1. Once the cumulative total of 30 minutes for interruptions has been reached, overs will be deducted at the rate of one for every three minutes lost and the Duckworth Lewis Stern method will be used to calculate the result.
  2. A minimum of 20 overs must be bowled in the second innings for ten points to be awarded for a win unless a victory is achieved sooner by a team reaching its target or being bowled out.
  3. Where scores finish level, the match is tied irrespective of wickets lost, and each side will receive five points plus any bonus points.
  4. If a win is not achieved as in 2 above, the match is considered ‘abandoned or incomplete’ and three points will be awarded to each side together with any bonus points accrued.
  5. A delayed start or interruptions during the first innings means the loss of overs is split equally between the two sides ie loss of 20 overs, split 10 each, becomes a 40 overs per side game.
  6. Where there is a delayed start or a stoppage leading to a reduction of overs during the first innings, under no circumstance must the side batting first bat 50 overs. (It is worth noting that when there is a loss of overs in the first innings, umpires will be reducing the length of the game).
  7. Loss of overs in the second innings are simply deducted from the allocation of the side batting second leading to a revised target. Umpires MUST detail the length of all stoppages to the scorers who will use the DLS programme to calculate the target scores and print off the required five copies. 
  8. Scorers must print off the DLS sheets at the tea interval in all games, even when there is no adverse weather.