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Guide to Duckworth Lewis Stern



DLS will be operational from the 2023 season in all first and second tteam league games, Priestley Cup, Jack Hampshire Cup, Priestley Shield and T20 Cup ties. The play cricket scoring rules for these games have amended to pick up the DLS Pro 2022 version for calculations.

Umpires and scorers make up the team of match officials at a game and should work as a team throughout the whole game Procedure for Umpires The minimum length of game in the league is 20 overs per side.

The minimum length of a Priestley Cup or Jack Hampshire Cup match is 10 overs per side. In any weather-related stoppage (rain, bad light, sun) overs are deducted at a rate of one over for every completed 4 minutes or part thereof. If the stoppage is in the first innings, then any overs deducted are shared by both sides. (eg if in the first innings the stoppage is 16 minutes then 4 overs will be lost from the game, making it a 48 over per side game.

If overs are deducted in the first innings they must be equally divide between the two sides (ie if only 4 minutes have been lost then 1 over will be deducted for each side If the stoppage occurs in the second innings then the overs will be deducted from the batting side at the rate of one over for every completed 4 minutes or part thereof.

1 The umpires MUST inform the scorers of the number of overs lost in each stoppage, before restarting play.

2 The scorers will be responsible for entering the overs lost into the PCS PRO system used for scoring these matches

3 The scorers will arrange a printed or email version list of the par scores by over at the end of the first innings. A further list will be produced after every weather-related stoppage in the second innings. This list to go to each captain and each umpire. NB Please note the list shows the par score for each over, you must add 1 to the par score to achieve a win result. The scorers should discuss with the umpires before the game whether they want a printed copy or electronic copy. The team batting second does not have to complete the minimum of 20 overs if a result is achieved

Procedures for Scorers Pro Cricket Scorer – DLS -

Every time there is an interruption or an alteration to the number of overs during a game you must input this into the Play-Cricket Scorer Pro system. You do this by clicking on the “Overs Rem:” under the score summary section (seen here at the top of the screen). This needs to be done at any point during the game. Play-Cricket Scorer will automatically adjust the overs as relevant.

- It will open up the screen below and you should select the format of DLS that is to be used by the league. You must select “Professional (2022, v5)”


Following this, you must click the button to the right which says “Add”. This will come up with the following screen. On here you can see it shows where abouts in the game you are currently (in this case, second innings, over 37.5 and score 249/4. You can change the revised overs.

Change the revised overs based on what the umpire tells you have been reduced per side. In the example below it will only reduce overs from the second innings as we are in the second innings. Click enter. You will see the revised target change. Every time there is an interruption you need to add another change in revised totals, and not change the one that is already on the revision history, so click “Add” again and a second line on the table will appear with the stage of the game that you are at, at that point.

- You must then click DLS Par Table and it will bring up a screen similar to the one below. Here you can see what the team batting second must be on at the end of each of the remaining overs based on the number of wickets lost by the side.

You have the option of clicking Over by Over or Ball by Ball – you need to click Over by Over. Next to this you can see a “Print” button. The small arrow allows you to Print, Save to PDF, or Email as PDF. Speak to the umpires beforehand, however due to covid restrictions, Email as PDF will be the best option. Ensure you have the umpires and captains email address before the game so you can send them an updated DLS sheet at every potential interval. - It is advised that you email/print across the updated DLS sheet before the start of the second innings as DLS could come into effect at any point, for any potential interruption – it does not just come in to play with bad weather. You can access the DLS Par Score Table at any stage during the game by clicking on the underlined “DLS Par:” icon on the Score Summary section of Play-Cricket Scorer Pro.