Heavy Woollen Cup Rules

Hanging Heaton defeated New Farnley in the 2013 final which was played at Bennett Lane - Picture: Mike Baker ©JCT600 Bradford Cricket League

HW1 Title and Constitution

A) The competition shall be called the Solly Sports Heavy Woollen District Challenge Cup (the competition) and be an annual knockout event open to the first elevens of cricket clubs at the discretion of the Management Committee,

B) The competition shall be restricted to a maximum of 32 clubs within an 18-mile radius of Batley Town Hall.

C) All clubs entering the competition MUST enter a team in the Crowther Cup.

HW2 General Committee, Officers and Management Committee

A) The competition shall be governed by the General Committee consisting of a representative from each club together with a president, secretary, treasurer, and umpires secretary (the officers). Each club shall notify the secretary in writing by December 31 each year of the details of its main contact for the competition.

B) A Management Committee (management) shall be responsible for managing the affairs of the competition including all questions of eligibility, qualification of clubs and players and interpretation of the rules. It shall also act on matters of dispute, the selection of final venues and any other matters referred to it by the General Committee. It shall consist of three club representatives, elected annually in accordance with rule HW3(a),and the officers together with any co-opted members up to a maximum of three.

C) Where required in a dispute, the members of the Management Committee shall make a decision that shall be deemed final and binding. This meeting to take place at the first suitable date.

D) All elected officers are expected to attend all Management Committee meetings.

E) The Management Committee may appoint Life Vice-Presidents, who shall be persons considered to have rendered outstanding service to the competition.

HW3 Meetings

A) The Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held in November each year. The business of the meeting shall include the election of officers and the Management Committee for the ensuing year, the receipt and adoption if approved, of the secretary's report and the financial statement for the year ending September 30. Voting shall take place on any proposed new rule(s) and rule amendment(s).

B)  Management meetings shall be held from time to time, as required.

C) At all meetings votes shall be given personally by the club representatives, and the result of the voting shall be determined by a straight majority of the votes cast.

D) Minutes of all meetings shall be circulated to club contacts.

E) Deputy representatives may attend meetings of the General Committee, but in the event of a club not being represented if shall be fined £25..

HW4 Membership and subscriptions

A) All clubs entering the competition shall pay an annual subscription of £35 to be sent to reach the Treasurer by March 31, each year. Any club which fails to pay by the due date shall be fined £5, and failure to pay by the date of the first round shall result in expulsion from the competition.

B) Written notice of any withdrawal from the competition, and any application for entry from a prospective side, shall be sent to reach the secretary by September 30, in respect of the following season.

C) Any club withdrawing without proper notice shall be fined £30, and be required to make application for re-admission. A sum of £25 plus the umpires fees shall also be payable by the offending club to its opponents by way of compensation, if such a withdrawal has taken place after the initial draws have been made.

HW5 Draws, Ties and Match Finances

A) The dates for the rounds for the following season shall be fixed by the Management and advised to all clubs at the AGM.

B) The draws for all rounds shall be made by the Management and advised to all clubs.

C) In the first round the Crowther Cup ties shall be a reverse of the Heavy Woollen Cup draw. Ties shall be played on the ground of the club drawn first from the pairing. ALL matches in both competitions should be played on the main ground of the club drawn at home. The "main grounds" is defined as the one named in the Heavy Woollen handbook and that only one named ground be allowed in the handbook. 
All ties shall be played on Sunday dates, arranged by the Management, except where a competing club has an arranged league or domestic cup fixture. In such instances the match shall be played on a date designated by the Management Committee. 
Play in all rounds shall commence at 1pm. Weather permitting ties shall be played as scheduled.
League and cup matches of the leagues that the competing clubs are affiliated to take priority over Heavy Woollen matches (except Twenty/20 matches).
If no suitable Sunday date can be agreed between the two competing clubs then a midweek limited over match MUST be agreed between the two clubs prior to the date of the next round. The match must be a minimum of 15 overs per side depending on weather conditions. The match will start no later than 6.30pm. In rounds one and two the following rules apply. 
In all rounds a reduced overs game can take place if the scheduled start time is delayed but there must be a minimum of 20 overs a side. Where both sides have had the opportunity to bat for the same number of overs the side scoring most runs will be declared the winner. If scores are level, then the side losing fewer wickets are declared the winning side. If a winner still cannot be determined, a comparison of scores going back one over at a time will be made until a result is obtained.
Where weather prevents the second batting side receiving the same number of overs as the side batting first, a minimum of 15 overs must be bowled in the second innings. The winning side will be the side with the greater number of runs in the equivalent number of overs for each side down to a minimum of 15 overs. The comparison will be taken at the last completed over.
If 20 overs per side is not possible (weather only) and no other available date is available to play the game, a bowl out will take place.
The Umpires will arrange a suitable site for this to take place & oversee the “bowl out”.
Five bowlers from each team will bowl alternatively one ball each at three stumps. The wicketkeeper must stand back at least 5 yards. Each delivery must be a fair over arm delivery and pitch in front of the popping crease to be counted as a legitimate delivery.
If the scores are level after the first set of five bowlers have bowled then a “sudden death” system comes into operation using the same five bowlers in the same order until a result is obtained.
If a bowl out is not possible because of the weather then a toss of coin shall be used to decide the game.

D) In all other rounds, except the final or an emergency situation, ties shall be played on the ground of the first club in each pairing.

E) In the event of the ground on which the tie is due to be played is so unfit that play is unlikely in the foreseeable future the secretary shall be contacted and the Management shall decide upon the playing of the tie.

F) The home side shall be entirely responsible for payment of umpires' expenses and retain any profit made from the tie.

HW6 Player Qualification

A) Only bona fide members of the club within its designated Saturday League, and registered as a player with that league prior to the club's participation in the competition during the current season, shall qualify. Club contacts shall send to the secretary a list of players to arrive not later than the Tuesday prior to the scheduled date of the first round.

B) Subsequent registrations may be made, in writing to the secretary. All players should have represented their club under the control of their designated league a minimum of three times in the current season before the semi-final stage.

C) Only one player who is designated a Non Eu player, under current ECB regulations, shall be submitted in the club's list of players.

D) No player shall play in the competition for more than one club in the same season.

E) Without prior permission of the Management no player shall play for his club in the same round of this competitions and the Crowther Cup.

F) Junior players aged 15 or under shall be entitled to play for a club without playing in the qualifying number of matches. Such players are not required to register as per rule HW6a but the results sheet, see HW 7(o) must be endorsed stating the player is aged 15 or under.

G) Any player not registered shall be ineligible to play in the competition. Should any part of the rule be contravened the club concerned shall forfeit the tie, which shall be awarded to its opponents.

H) In all cases of qualification the burden of proof lies with a member club and specifically the player. The Management reserve the right to apply rule HW6 (h) should there be any doubts about such proof.

I) No match shall start until a side has eight players present on the ground who are eligible to play and are listed on the team sheet. Each team must have a scorer. If there is no designated scorer available a player will have to be withdrawn from the match to score.

HW7 Match procedures and results

A) All matches shall be conducted in accordance with the Laws of Cricket, except as otherwise provided in these rules. All matches shall be of 50 overs per side and the team scoring the most runs will be the winners except where rule HW5(d) applies in respect of weather affected games or re-arranged midweek fixtures. No bowler shall bowl more than 10 overs in any innings. In the event of a reduced overs game being played the following table indicates the revised limitations for bowlers.

Innings length
Bowler Maximum
Innings length
Bowler Maximum

B) In all ties up to and including the semi-final the home club shall have a choice of taking a collection or charging admission.

C) No pitch shall be artificially watered, or in any way tampered with during the period commencing 48 hours before the scheduled starting time of the match, nor after play has commenced.

D) Except where it is necessary to consult the Management under Rule HW5(G),all matters concerning the fitness of the ground or conditions of play shall be the sole charge of the umpires.

E) A new ball stamped HWDCC shall be used in all cup games

F) From the moment that either nominated umpire arrives on the ground they will be in charge of the game.

G) The umpires have the power to order a shorter game, but not less than 20 overs per side, if they feel the conditions are more appropriate on the day.

H) If at the scheduled start time the umpires consider the conditions unfit for play, overs will be deducted at the rate of one every three minutes. When play is possible the remaining overs will be divided equally, minimum 20 per side. In the event of further interruptions the team batting second must have received five (5) completed overs to constitute a result.

I) Team captains shall exchange written lists of players nominated to take part in the match on ECB approved forms and signed by the captains, before the toss takes place. Copies to be given to the umpires.

J) Umpires shall report any late starts and the offending team(s) shall be fined £5.

K) A team declaring its innings closed before the completion of its allotted overs shall be deemed to have lost all its wickets. Any over unused by the team batting first either by being all out or declaring, shall not be added to those of the side batting second.

L) There shall be an interval of not more than 30 minutes at the end of the first innings. The captain of the team batting second may require the pitch to be swept and or rolled with a roller of his choice, for not more than seven minutes between the innings.

M) Where covers are available these may be used at any times to protect the pitch.

N) In the event of a match resulting in a tie the side losing the least wickets will be the winner. If they are identical a bowl out will take place.

O) In all rounds except the Final the home club shall email the result to by 22.00 on the match day. The scorecard shall also be emailed to the above email within 48 hours, Failure to do this will result in a £10 fine. 

P) Wide ball. Any delivery that passes the batsman down the leg-side in the normal batting stance shall be called a wide regardless of where the ball pitches. If the ball touches the player's bat or person, it shall not be called wide. 

Q) Fielding restrictions will apply for the first 15 over of each innings. Only two fielders will be allowed to be outside the 30 yard circle while the restriction applies. For the remainder of the innings four fielders pus the bowler and wicketkeeper must be inside the circle at the point of delivery. No more than five fielders will be allowed on the legside at any time. For any breaches of the regulations either umpire May call and signal no ball.

Innings length
Fielding restrictions
Innings length
Fielding restrictions

R) In an Innings where the full 50 overs are to be bowled, if the bowling side fails to bowl these Overs in 3 hours 10 minutes after the start time, then a 5 run Penalty per over still to be bowled will be awarded to the batting side. The calculation will start at the next complete over after the 3 hours 10 minutes have been reached. This information will be given to the Fielding Captain and batsman at the crease, plus the scorers at the conclusion of the innings, or when the team batting second have reached the target.    
Where the number of overs for the innings is other than 50, the target time shall be adjusted by the Umpires pro rata to the nearest 5 minutes. (Calculation to use is 2 Overs for every seven and a half minutes) 
In addition to this rule Umpires shall add time for mitigating factors such as lost balls, injuries, wasting time by batsman, and additional breaks in play but does not include drinks break.

HW8 Umpires

A) The Umpires Secretary shall appoint umpires for all matches. They shall be paid a fee of £40 preferably at the tea interval on the scheduled match day. When umpires travel and the game does not take place they are entitled to half their fee £20.

B) All Umpires will follow the ECB ACO Law section– Sanctions

HW9 Complaints, Objections and Disciplinary Matters 

A) Any complaint or objection shall be notified to the secretary, with copies to the contact of the club and / or individuals concerned within 48 hours of the completion of the match. A deposit of £10 shall be sent with the notice to the secretary and shall be forfeited if the Management considers the matter to be frivolous.

BAny Umpires Disciplinary Report should be sent to the Match Day Managerwithin 24 hours of the incident, the report will be considered and if requiredforwarded to the offending players Club for them to take action. The Club haveuntil 12 noon on the Thursday of the same week to respond to the Match Day Manager with any action they have implemented.

Once this has been received the HW Committee will consider the action and if acceptable will inform the relevant League so they can also monitor this decision.

If the HW Committee consider the action unacceptable this will then be passed onto the Clubs League Disciplinary Officer for them to make further judgement.

A £75 charge is made for any appeals, which will of course be refunded should the appeal be successful. Any costs incurred in staging the appeal (for example travelling expenses of officials) will also be charged to the club making the appeal.

All Suspensions given out will be in Weeks and start at Midnight Friday.

All Suspensions will also carry an automatic ONE match ban from  round of the Heavy Woollen or Crowther Cup, even if it carries over into the following season.   

HW10 Final Tie 

A) Clubs are invited to nominate venues from which the Management shall select a ground on which the final tie is to be played. It shall be neutral unless the Management determine otherwise.

B) The committee of the host club shall grant the use of the ground until the completion of the tie and the Management shall not be held responsible for any monetary loss arising to such a club and its members.

C) The Management shall fix the admission fees for the final tie and shall be handed the gross receipts. Ten per cent of the total, or £25, whichever is the greater, shall be paid to the host club for incidental expenses with the balance being paid into the competition account. The Management shall be responsible for all major expenses including the provision of teas, trophies for the finalists and umpires etc.

D) It is the responsibility of the Final Winning team to send the result to the email address, failure to do this will incur a £10 penalty. 

HW11 Rules and Alteration

A) The Management shall have the power to decide any queries arising on the construction of these rules, or any matter which is not provided for, including penalties.

B) All decision shall be final and binding on all parties subject to rule HW3(b).

C) Each competing club shall be provided each season with six yearbooks and club contacts and captains, in particular, should be aware of the contents, especially these rules.

D) Any rule may be altered or deleted and/or a new rule included at the AGM provided that a majority of the clubs present vote in favour. Written notice of any proposed alteration or deletion of a rule or any proposed new rule shall be sent to the secretary by September 30. 

F) A list of all proposals shall be circulated on the agenda to all clubs at least 14 days prior to the AGM.

HW12 Trophies

A) The winning club in any year, having given a satisfactory guarantee for the safe custody and return of any annual trophies shall be entitled to hold them until June 30 when they shall be returned to the secretary.

Crowther Cup

CC1 Title and Constitution

A) The competition shall be called the Solly Sports Crowther Cup (the competition) and be an annual knockout event open to the second elevens of cricket clubs taking part in the Solly Sports Heavy Woollen District Challenge Cup (HW Cup).

B) Except as hereinafter provided the Competition Rules shall be the same as those for the HW Cup.

CC2 Player Qualification

A During rounds1,2 and 3 of the competition a player may play in the same rounds of both the HW and CC competitions providing that at the time of playing the CC match they have made more second than first team appearances.

B) Matches played in senior local leagues, and the knockout competitions of these leagues shall be used for the purposes of qualification for this rule.

C) Professionals, Overseas, County and Minor County players are not eligible under any circumstances to take part in this competition.

CC3 Match Procedures

A) Rule HW7(e) shall apply with regard the provision of a ball but for this competition it need not be a new one. 

B) Wide ball as specified in HW7 does not apply to the Crowther Cup.

CC4 Umpires

A) The Umpires secretary shall appoint umpires for all matches in addition, each club shall endeavour to have an umpire available The home club shall pay both umpires in all rounds.