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January 2017 Minutes




Present: David Young (Chairman),Mark Heald (Chief Executive), Bob Shackleton

(Admin Exec), John Virr (Secretary), Philip Radcliffe (Umpires), Brian Pearson, Peter Arundel

(Joint Secretary), and Neil Johnson.

Apologies: Alan Birkinshaw, David Clegg and Bob Schofield.

The meeting commenced at 7.30pm and the minutes from the previous months’ meeting

were accepted and approved.

Matters Arising: All correspondence issued and other items covered by Agenda.

Chief Executives Report:

Cup sub-committee

 met in early January and draws were made for all cups through to the semi finals.

 Azaad appealed their exclusion and were re-instated

 Rodley were excluded from 2nd X1 comps only

 No DLS usage in Cup comps

Discussion ensued re DLS usage for all 1st X1 games (as voted for by clubs). However

due to complexities of training 50 scorers, 50 captains and 80+ Umpires combined

with cost of purchasing/installing printers (and possibly power supply) and alteration

of scoreboards it was decided to implement only in Premier League 1st X1 games.

Chairman to compose letter to be issued to all clubs – thanks to John for all the work

he has done in arranging, now, defunct training sessions.

T20 club comp to be split, thereby, hopefully encouraging more clubs to enter.

Suggested Premier and Championship 1 in one and Championship 2 and Conference

in the other. Neil and Philip to oversee/manage.

Discipline James Lee was suspended for 6 weeks for changing the condition of

the ball and using foul language. This will extend 4 weeks into 2017 season. He is out

of time to appeal – Peter will write to inform him.

Liversedge Disciplinary committee met as their player, Alan Sumner, had been

reported for refusing to “walk”. They have written several times to Liversedge but

received no reply/comment. Peter has been in touch and the matter will hopefully

be resolved within a week. However a meeting will be required with the club as they

have failed to reply to e-mails, rule changes, attend meetings or pay fines.

Chairmans Report:

 The 1st round of the Jack Hampshire and preliminary round of Priestley Shield clashes

with Tour de Yorkshire and it may therefore be difficult for players to travel. To move

to 14.5.17 – Peter to write.

 Cup Committee to be asked to reconsider “reserve days”.

 Brighouse have asked to move their home game v Keighley – discussed but refused;

John to write.

 Oulton and Adwalton have asked to re arrange their 2nd X1 – if both sides agree then

we will allow – John to write.

 Wakefield St Michaels – both teams have been drawn at home (Jack Hampshire and

Shield). Cup committee will write.

 League dinner 17.11.17 at Headingley.

 Need for 2 sightscreens – have secured a years extension, David to write to all clubs.

 Alan to contact Michael Rhodes to ask if updated player info is available. We should

also see if he is willing to carry on in some form considering the outstanding work in

the past.

 DBS checks required for Board Officials.

 Sponsorship/fundraising possibly available through Vitality – David, Alan and Mark to

look into.


 Card received from Judith Wragg expressing her thanks for the award at the dinner.

 Several clubs have requested a letter to attach to their application for an Overseas


 6.12.16, Morley requested permission for a joint benefit for Richard Winn and Colin

Nuthall – permission granted providing there are no clashes with BPL games or


 Laptops have been ordered for new clubs.

 DLS item superceded by earlier decision.

 League Cricket Conference asking for a nominee to go forward to League Cricketer of

the year contest – stats to be looked at before a decision made.

 Letter from Bradford Safeguarding Board read out, outlining procedure to report any


 Get the Game On – presentation at Headingley 8.2.17, David to attend.

 Copy of letter from West Yorkshire Sports+Social club read out expressing their

disappointment at how Brook Walton handled leaving their ground.

Joint Secretary Yorkshire Cricket Council in process of setting up web site.

Cup Finals 2017: 18 clubs had expressed an interest in hosting a final. All applications

considered and after discussion the following are to be invited to host –

Priestley Cup – Undercliffe Priestley Shield – Methley

Jack Hampshire – Pudsey Congs T20 finals day – Pudsey St Lawrence

T20 game v YCCC - Cleckheaton


 Executive committee asked if the Board would consider increasing Umpires match

fees to £42 – due to already increased financial impact on clubs it was agreed to

leave at £40 and consider increase for 2018.

 At the Umpires meeting, 12.4.17, they will be able to unveil new sponsors.

 10 new Umpires attending the current course. Thereby 18 new umpires for 2017

offset by 5 leaving – net increase 13.

 MCC laws trials to be extended to all 1st X1 games.

ECB U19 T20: 5 clubs have expressed an interest plus 1 maybe, hoping for 2 more then 2

groups of 4.

Compliance Survey at start of season to check if clubs have all necessary DBS numbers.


 CricHQ meetings arranged for clubs 6 and 7.2.17 at Cleckheaton to explain new

player registration procedure. Further training then required for scoring and result


 Much discussion around Overseas visas. David to issue latest guidance to all clubs,

clubs will then be asked to provide all documentation for David, Brian and Bob

Shackleton to look at.

 Bob - archive material in Bradford and storage of unused trophies.

 Have Brook Walton rearranged their 2nd X1 game? – Philip to pursue

 PQS results to be circulated.

 Handbooks due to go to print

 Neil updated the Board re recent developments at Idle CC – await outcome of

meeting 31.1.17.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 10.30 pm.

Next meeting is the AGM, 16th February at Cleckheaton CC.