Junior League Officials

President - George Debenham
Chairman - Philip Radcliffe
Contact: email:
Mobile: 07740 853047
Secretary - Neil Johnson
Contact: email
Mobile: 07912 017171
Home: 01274 617186
Assistant Secretary - Gerard Sharp
Contact: email:
Phone 07946386587
Treasurer - Philip Radcliffe
Contact: email
Home: 01274 420551
Mobile 07740 853047
Child Welfare Officer - Haqueq Siddique
Contact: email
Mobile: 07970 667704
Life Vice Presidents
R. Coates, G. Debenham, 
A.Douglas, G.T. Illingworth, Mrs Joan Peel, T. Sayer.
League Coaching Officer - Mark Harrison
Contact Details Email Phone 07917 225848
Executive Committee Members
A. Birkett, S. Krishnan, Q. Siddique
Representatives from the All Rounder Cricket Bradford Premier League
A. Birkinshaw or R Shackleton
Representatives from the Umpires Association
N. Johnson and P. Wiseman