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March 2017 Minutes




Present: David Young (Chairman), Mark Heald(Chief Executive), Bob Shackleton

(Admin Exec), John Virr (Secretary), Alan Birkinshaw (Development Officer), Philip Radcliffe

(Umpires), Brian Pearson, Peter Arundel (Joint Secretary), David Clegg, Bob Schofield and

Neil Johnson.

Apologies: None

The meeting commenced at 7.40pm and the minutes from the previous months’ meeting

were accepted and approved.

Matters Arising:

 The Chairman informed the meeting of the large presence at Steven Raistricks

funeral and thanked members of the Board for their attendance.

 No contact from James Lee

 Appears no further action has been taken by Liversedge – Peter will contact them.

 Deal agreed with Vitality to sponsor Priestley Cup/Shield and Jack Hampshire – a

representative will be invited to address the League meeting.

 The Chairman contacted Pudsey St Lawrence re their playing shirts having more than

the permitted sponsors on it – Richard Brown has replied saying that they are on 3

year deals with their sponsors. The matter is to be pursued further.

Nothing to report.

Chairman’s Report:

 Thanks to John for his work in organising and presenting the DLS courses.

 Proposed Rod Heyhoe as a Life Member and carried unanimously.

 CricHQ - Scorers course to be held Wednesday 5th April at Cleckheaton to present

new method of result reporting.

Chief Executives Report: He has been contacted by “Lucky” Hans re an “over 50” loan

system – after discussion the answer was No – Mark will reply.

Has also been contacted by Sandal and Brook Walton re their laptops and refresher scoring

– John will organise, firstly to arrange a date when Judith Wragg is available to help, Ossett

is available as a venue and then invite Windhill and anyone else who may benefit but placing

a limit on numbers.

Finance: Invoice paid £33 for memory sticks for DLS training; Insurance £1,033 and

£1,500 for web site re build.


 Has set up a Premier League scorers group and David will set up an email group.

 Received contact from East Ardsley after the last meeting re their non involvement

in T20 – they were sent original email that had obviously not been auctioned and no

further contact.

 Passed on the thoughts of several senior players from HHCC re their thoughts for

advancing/improving our cricket. The Board were pleased that these discussions

were taking place. After further discussion we will look at getting around as many

clubs as possible to get views/feedback.

 Update re DLS training; that Batley CC scorer didn’t attend but representatives are

attending the presentation 13.3.17 where memory stick will be handed over.

Explained that transfer of overs is not possible and that interruptions during 1st

innings will result in both sides losing overs.

Joint Secretary nothing to report.

Registration: some clubs are still not registering into the Bradford league but to their clubs.

Well over 1200 have been registered.

Up to date Overseas registrations passed to Brian.

Umpires: Increasing numbers (now 96 – but not all available regularly). Fraser Stewart

addressed Umpires/Captains re Disciplinary procedures – 43 were present and a further

presentation 13.3.17.

ECB U19 T20: closing date 10.3.17, Philip has contacted Steve Archer and Richard Wilkinson

to enter 10 clubs and asked how they wish to proceed.

Compliance Reminder to all re DBS.


 Neil now has pictures of all trophies.

 Bob Shackleton asked re PQS – Philip will issue.

 Mark sought clarification re Premier league and Junior sides. 5 clubs: Batley, East

Bierley, HHCC, Townville and Lightcliffe only have 2 out of 3 and must have all 3 for

2018. Promoted sides can have 2 out of Junior sides but must have Clubmark.

 Alan reported that discussions have taken place at YCB re a Central disciplinary team

– created much discussion, the outcome that we will continue as we are until

advised otherwise.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 9.15 pm.

Next meeting is the Full League meeting, 23rd March at Cleckheaton CC.