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May 2017 Minutes




Present: David Young (Chairman), Mark Heald (Chief Executive), Bob Shackleton

(Admin Exec), John Virr (Secretary), Alan Birkinshaw (Development Officer), Brian Pearson,

Peter Arundel (Joint Secretary), David Clegg, and Neil Johnson.

Apologies: Philip Radcliffe and Bob Schofield.

The meeting commenced at 7.40pm and the minutes from the previous months’ meeting

were accepted and approved.

Matters Arising: Secretary wrote to Rod Heyhoe and he was pleased to accept the

offer of Life Membership.

Chairman’s Report:

 Problems with CricHQ are easing and have centred around issues on integration

between CricHQ and TCS – it is hoped that the latest release (today) will have

rectified this. Thanks to all clubs/individuals for their patience and help and thanks

from all to our Chairman for all his time and work on this. There is still a bug to fix re

extras and fall of wickets.

 Captains report system is working well but some clubs/captains are not complying.

 A Child Welfare course will be held at Cleckheaton, 12.6.17 at a cost of £20 per

person – 8 are required as a minimum.

 M Altaf, Yeadon has been reported re a suspect bowling action – Chairman will

forward to Secretary to action further.

 Ossett CC are applying for help with new tea rooms and Chairman has issued the

necessary supportive letter.

Chief Executives Report:

 Has written to Wakefield St Michaels re points deduction.

 Brook Walton have still not paid their League “subs” despite being given time – to be

fined £50.


 Recent meeting re A Hussain, Brighouse – been given 3week ban and 3 week

suspended. Brighouse have raised issue of having sight of the “complainants”

statement – however, after discussion, this is to be denied – Joint Secretary to write.

 Incident, Brook Walton v Azaad – to await an Umpires report before further action.

 Graham Roberts, Morley 2nd X1 captain has reported foul language from opposition

players (Bowling Old Lane) shouted from across the field with members of the public

present. In the absence of an Umpires report we will keep on record for future

reference as, at present, it is unsubstantiated. However they also reported Bowling

Old Lane (BOL) players for smoking in their changing room – Secretary to write to


 Baildon re player qualification in cup games – already handled.

 A few problems last weekend re the toss in Cup games - David to issue a reminder

that a toss should take place.

 Scholes v Adwalton, Priestley Shield – Adwalton, allegedly, played 1st X1 players as

cup rules did not specify against. Not necessarily breaking any rules but not in the

spirit of the game – to be clarified for next season by Cup sub committee.

 Keighley and Scholes have asked for their 2nd X1 games to be postponed on 20.5.17

due to Bradford City’s involvement at Wembley – much discussion but not to be

allowed – Secretary to write

 Scholes v Baildon T20 scheduled for 16.5.17 clashes with the funeral of a senior

Scholes official – Secretary to write to both to ask them to re-arrange.

 Streethouse contacted Chief Executive to ask for help with Umpires for their Village

ko v Thornton – Neil to take forward.

 Umpire, Tony Busby, wrote re a dangerous wicket at Windhill v Sandal, 6.5.17 – Mark

will write and David will visit Windhill.

 Andrew Watson, YCB has written re a Heritage meeting in mid-June – to Peter to


 Further reminder to be issued re new points system – clubs to be advised to post

table in all scoreboxes.

 Mark and David to arrange to talk to the Halifax League.

 Methley v East Ardsley 2nd X1s – there was no umpire and despite phone calls and

appeals no-one could be found therefore the match didn’t take place. It transpires

that the original umpire was taken ill. The match is to be replayed before the halfway

point (29.6.17) and the League will contribute £50 to Methley for lost tea revenue –

Secretary to write to both clubs.

Finance: Bill for handbooks has been paid, Brook Walton League fees still outstanding.

Secretary: Some matters already raised and covered. Great Preston wrote re Crickfest

and how to proceed – Secretary to advise them to contact Graham Purdy at YCB.

Website: The launch of the new website has been delayed due to other issues.

However this has enabled comments/feedback from users to be relayed to CricHq to action

– also looking at “user friendliness”.


 Alan stated that the nomination forms are available for Cricket OSCAS – to be sent to


 David Clegg stated that, at Methley, they have actioned Clubmark to obtain the

necessary passwords etc however they are getting no reply from ECB – Chairman will

raise with Steve Archer

There being no other business the meeting closed at 9.00 pm.

Next meeting is scheduled for 8th June at Cleckheaton CC.