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Recruitment of new umpires

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The Gordon Rigg Bradford League needs more umpires. For 2023 the Match Officials Association will only be able to commit to providing umpires for first team cricket unless more people answer the call.

Action is needed before the situation becomes critical. In 2022 there were 70 umpires registered for the league panel but only 54 stood in matches.

With 46 needed every weekend for first team games it is clear to see why in the peak holiday periods leads to shortages in Division Three.

Nobody wants to see players taking it in turns to umpire at square leg in Division Three games but that was the reality during the later stages of the 2022 season.

Club umpires continue to do a tremendous job in second team cricket and the league would now like to encourage them to be qualified to Stage One.

It is acknowledged that many club umpires enjoy doing the job but do not want to join the panel.  Nobody is forcing them in that direction but by securing the Stage One qualification there are benefits for both the individual and their club.

For the individual their course fees would be refunded by the league and they would become eligible in their first year after qualification for free membership of the ECB ACO. This would also provided them with free personal insurance.

If club umpires are qualified to Stage One status they would be able to umpire their club's first team if a shortage of panel umpires meant there were insufficient available in a particular week to provided two for every Division Three game. This would also negate the practice of players umpiring at square leg in first team cricket.

The league and the Match Officials Association have created a slideshow to show how you can become involved in umpiring. Click here to view it 

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