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Chairman: Mark Heald Mobile:07815 797556 email: chiefexec@bradfordcl.com
Secretary: Peter Arundel Mobile 07900 041380 email: jointsecretary@bradfordcl.com
The officers oversee the disciplinary procedure and monitor its implementation.
  1. If five Penalty runs are awarded they must inform the captain of the offending team and inform the scorers.
  2. Umpires must record details of all five run penalties on their report card.
  3. Umpires must inform the captain and player(s) of intention to report.
  4. Umpires must call League Disciplinary Chairman by 10pm the following day.
  5. The completed Disciplinary Report Form must be submitted to League Disciplinary Chairman within 48 hours.


  1. Upon receipt of a report the League Disciplinary Officer in consultation with disciplinary committee members will review the report – he will have the power to confirm or amend the categorisation of any alleged offence should he feel necessary. This could be either to increase or reduce the level of the alleged offence. He will notify the player via his club and the umpires whenever it is felt necessary to amend the categorisation of an alleged offence.
  2. The effect of a level 1 offence being reported will be a 7 day suspension [14 days in the event of a second or subsequent level 1 offence in the same season].
  3. The effect of a level 2 offence being reported will be a 14 day suspension [A second or subsequent offence [of any level] will result in an immediate 21 day suspension and the need for a Disciplinary Hearing.
  4. The suspension will commence on the Thursday following the date of the report, unless a request for a Disciplinary Hearing has been lodged with the League Disciplinary Officer, specifying the grounds for seeking a hearing and paying a deposit of £75 prior to 7.00 pm on the Thursday following the date of the report.
  5. Any alleged offence of a higher level than level 2 will require a disciplinary hearing.
  6. Disciplinary hearings will normally take place during the second week following the report. The Disciplinary Officer will require a report from the player involved, the Captain and the club concerned which should be received prior to the hearing.
  7. The player, his captain and a club representative will attend the hearing and will be asked to present their case.
  8. The hearing will be conducted by the disciplinary Committee which will consist of no less than three persons.
  9. The Disciplinary committee will have the power to reduce or increase the penalty imposed and will also have the power to impose any other sanctions in accordance with the Leagues Disciplinary guidelines.
  10. A player or club will have the right to Appeal as per the Leagues Disciplinary Guidelines. 


  1. Notice of an appeal must be made by email to the Disciplinary Chairman within 7 days. A £50 deposit is required.
  2. An appeal will be called within seven days, the date of which will be notified in writing.
  3. The appeal panel will consist of three members not previously involved in the case.
  4. The panel's verdict will be binding.
  5. Decision will be advised to the club and the persons involved in the incident.


  1. The Bradford Premier League Umpires Association secretary to be informed.
  2. The outcomes of all disciplinary cases will be reported on the League website.
  3. The outcomes of all disciplinary cases must be reported to the Yorkshire Cricket Board within seven days.
  4.  If a player is registered to a First Class club his county, the PCA and ECB have to be notified within seven days.