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Umpire assessment

Umpire assessment

Captains should read the two downloadable forms regarding registration on the Who's The Umpire website and how to submit an assessment report.

Registration on Who's The Umpire
Procedure for submitting a report.

Clubs and captains are reminded of their responsibilites in League Rule 43 below.

The required procedure will be notified before each season and training provided. The completed form, which needs to include the names of both umpires, MUST be received NO LATER than Wednesday for a Saturday fixture, Thursday for a Sunday game and Friday for a Monday match.

Any club failing to conform in returning the completed forms in the correct manner will be fined £5 for each form not received in the time stipulated for the first three indiscretions, and fined and deducted 1 League point for each indiscretion thereafter.