Competition Rules


HW8 Umpires

A The Umpires Secretary shall appoint umpires for all matches. They shall be paid a fee of £38 preferably at the tea interval on the scheduled match day. When umpires travel and the game does not take place they are entitled to half their fee £19.

HW9 Complaints, Objections and Disciplinary Matters 

 Any complaint or objection shall be notified to the secretary, with copies to the contact of the club and / or individuals concerned within 48 hours of the completion of the match. A deposit of £10 shall be sent with the notice to the secretary and shall be forfeited if the Management considers the matter to be frivolous.

B Any disciplinary matter shall be referred for consideration and any action to a Competition Disciplinary Panel, consisting of a minimum of five Management members and conducted under YCB rules.

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